Monday, September 17, 2007

blogging 2.0

Alright, why a new blog? Well, first of all, I didn't really have much possibilities to style the other one. During my exchange in Australia I already used a blog from this provider and spent quite a while getting my head into customizing it. So, an easier way for me to design and even more important, you don't have to be registered to post comments here. Which actually deter people from doing so.

Why in english? Because my second examiner Junior Professor Ben Sassen is from GB and hardly speaks any german by now (he just started taking classes). Besides that, it's good practice, isn't it?

I've decided to put in the postings from the former blog although a lot of you didn't like them much and they are not that related to the work anymore. But still they were/are part of the whole process. There'll be more theoretical words in an upcoming post. This time concerning the term fantasy. So be aware.

And finally - the first thing you probably noticed. There's no header. Yes! During the redesign process of the template I had the idea of using an animated Gif as a header. And you can bet that this is not just going to be a 2 minute thing. At least not when it comes down to me and my thoughts/expectations. I want something special. The first „whoa!“ to represent the pieces I intend to create during my diploma project. I hope to give you more details on this as soon as possible. I already had 2-3 ideas but they might as well result in one. It's giving me hard times to start doing storyboards, as I think they will take me as long as doing the animation. This is of course wrong, but I am no good and fast drawer/sketcher so I probably would work combining photos and scribbles. I should try to find a convenient way for me to start the animation process or at least the video/photo capturing and immediately use screenshots and rough sketches to give you an idea of what I want, before I dig into pushing keyframes for hours.


jay-z said...

Good luck, wise man!

Ben Sassen said...

Your storyboarding/idea prototyping approach sounds like a good one. Try it out as soon as you can to see how it works and show me the results.