Monday, September 17, 2007


A fortuity becomes the trigger of an idea.

The sun is reflecting in a teapot on the desk and projects a pulsating light-spot on the oposing wall. To become what? A light-elf? Who shows me the way? An energy hole out of which I pick a galactic power drink? Or does this billowing filament ball untangle, to get cabled with the other walls? Which causes them to start glowing as well, spreading their light cables towards everything else, till the whole room exists of glistening, bright lines. Slowly ending this play as soon as a cloud moves in.

In my diploma work „Mal so, mal so“ („once like this, once like that“) I want to create a series of short motiongraphic pieces.

Usual, featureless sceneries (once like this) should get revived with fantasy to give a different view of the situation (once like that) – my view.

That way I can unfold my thoughts/day dreamings and make them visible to others. It's going to be an emotional work that narrates without telling a story or message palpably.

To speak of style, I will combine videofootage with animated elements/motiongraphics and will be mainly using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects for this. I want to use semiprofessional equipment and tools because they allow me to work very independent and free.

There are 5 to 7 pieces planed whithine lengths 10 to 30 seconds, although this is not thought to be a strict limitation.

Coming to sound, I want to work with fellow students or sound artists, as I am not that experienced in working with sound.

Finally the pieces should be transferred on DVD and be present on the internet.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

two other nice examples for simple weblog design:


henryk said...

Cheers m.

I'll keep that in mind.

RogerTv is also doing great MotionGraphics, aren't they?