Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Projection tests

Alright I did some tests and this is how they looked like.

Stripes on the wall.

The motion as a texture directly on the wall works. Meaning the stripes won't get distorted by the corner.

The scaling boxes in the front have no chance, because they stick not directly to the wall.


Mhm, don't know what to get out of it. It doesn't look good at all.

Flower and shapes.

This one shows that you can achieve the effect of depth by using shadows and objects that come directly out of the wall. However, when the flower moves too much towards the camera, it gets distorted by the corner.

House and trees

I had the idea to project onto a model/stage scene and it didn't work out that well.

At least not the way I tried it. It's not only rebuilding the scene you want to project onto, but you also have to digitally project onto that scene. Hard to explain, I'm going to test this tomorrow if I can.

The fairy reflection for real

I've used the old fairy reflection test and projected it onto water. Then filmed the reflection on the wall. It appears to reflect in green colour though. If I find the time I will do some more tests with different colours.

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