Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Somehow stuck

Somehow the problem became smaller all by itself during writing this.
I'm gonna post it anyway because whatever your thoughts are concerning this post, they might be helpful to me.

I feel a bit stuck at the moment and I will try to explain why within this post.

There is a kind of chasm within my thoughts concerning the work and presentation. It's not that easy to explain but I'll try to keep it short and straight out. On the one side of the gap there is the series of video/animation pieces and on the other is a installation work.

I aim(ed) at combining both but by now I haven't found a good way to do so. Basically each one needs a different approach, even though they share a lot, too.

If I do the series, it will probably be screened and be put on a DVD or be shown online. But a work which should be exhibited in a gallery situation or public space is something else. I have to think how I will set up the room. A „white cube“, where I project onto the walls? A white room with elements in it, onto which I project? A „see through“ object, which let you see the white (filled) room in a different way? Project onto specific sites around the town? Install „see through“ objects in specific sites?

Of course I have to find spots to do the shooting too. So this is similar .

Shortened: One thing will be watching the other will be a (re)active watching.

I'm loosing the thread again.


If I find places where some of my „fantasies“ will come through, would it really be a problem to not only make it a video, but to maybe think of a possibility to present it as an installation at this spot, as well? I could just collect every thought and weigh what might work better as an installation and what would be more beautiful as a video. I could even mix it all. Combining the videos in some collage which is then projected in a white room (having elements or not) or make it visible through an object only.

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