Sunday, October 28, 2007

What the hell have I done the last three weeks?

To be honest I don't really know. Of cause I've been busy struggling through my ideas and trying to make up a proper concept as well as a working structure. But what should I say? There is nothing! Nothing such as a final structure. Nothing to start building up on. I have the feeling there is no productive outcome by now at all. All the thinking just drives me crazy. Especially as I am not capable of holding ideas, storing them, developing them to make use out of them. It ends up in a mind spinning endless cloud.

Whoo, and what a pleasure it is to fly through the sky with visions of colourful sounds and strange creatures appearing behind every cloud. But sometimes it gets so hard to come down to the ground, that I have to leave all of the experiences and beautiful things I saw behind, in order not to loose them on the way back. And you can't imagine what it feels like when there is a sudden change of the weather. The wonderful purple clouds turn into gloomy, dark greyish mists, their vile-smelling, toxic gases not only seem to take your breath but also to burn on your skin. And for the worst it's all these silhouettes of antics, of which you can't tell if they're just laughing about you or trying to drag you into their world of doom, fear and pain. Sometimes I whirl for hours in such a sudden weather storm and when the weather finally calmed down, so that I can find the way back, I feel so disorientated.

Distraction is no good companion , if you want to structure your work/concept. I get easily lost in my mind labyrinth. And I just can't afford this anymore. Time is running fast and I got to start somehow.

As Professor Geelhaar put it, there are people who build up their concept, structure it and schedule the resulting future work process. Then you have people who do not structure, who, that's hard to explain, just let it come(?) and then do it. As for me, I 'm like always kinda stuck in between. Like you can expect from the title of this post, I seem not to be the person who just does and neither someone who is good in structuring. Well that's not all true. I totally like structuring and scheduling, but like already said, I can't hold it. In the end I always just doing. So with all my projects. I guess I am a “doer” who wants to be a “scheduler”. Trapped in between, still not sure how to come out.

Anyway, I decided to just do and start. I mean I pretty much know what I want to do and maybe you can't do/achieve it, by structuring and scheduling it.

There should be a positive wind going along with the starting, so I will list things I actually done. So I see for myself that I didn't waste all the time “flying”.

So what have I done?

I did several shootings, without something specific in mind, just for some testing.

I've tried if I could use a photo camera to capture sequences, by using the continuous shot function. Turned out that doesn't work

I've did one small test projecting into a corner. I basically had prepared an Animation of some lines crossing the walls. It turned out quite well. I hope I can do a more advanced test in the near future. So I can find out what it will look like if you have objects “in space”.

There was a test on possibilities of stereogram creation within After Effects. Mhm, it kinda worked, even so it's not stunning. You will need glasses for that. You can borrow them from me.

Ahh, and I've listed all my ideas. You can have a look at it by checking these Pdf documents. There is one for the motion graphic ideas and one for the ideas concerning presentations.

I also tested different tracking software. None of it suited well. But my footage was fairly rough and so on. I want to try some 3D tracking by using video footage shot on a tripod.

Sky replacement by using keying techniques was another thing I played around with.

And of cause I wasted a lot of time on the Internet watching tutorials. Where I never know if it will come in handy one day. At least I know where to find it.

Finally I started with the Light Fairy. At first I did a bit of drawing and then I got distracted by the question what it should look like. So I went over to the computer and tried out how I can achieve this water reflection look. I seems like it can work out alright. Only thing I'm unsure about is perspective, no better 3 dimensionality. I'm afraid it might look to flat. Well I'm gonna work on that.


Wendy said...

Wenn du Lichtreflektionen an der Wand dem Zuschauer bewußt zeigen möchtest, solltest du mehr drumherum zeigen. Also auch Schreibtisch, Teekanne usw. Das zeigt zum einen wo die Reflektion herkommt, zum anderen ist die Überraschung größer, wenn aus dieser Alltagssituation eine Elfe entspringt.
Ich hab ausserdem als erstes ein Gesicht gesehen, keine Elfe.

mo said...

hey hey ... why so despaired? I really like your test and I think u r pretty much about to start "serious working" now. I mean - isn´t it just about start doing things? See u 2morrow.

jazze said...

Brother in arms... ich habe eine neue Nonsence ecition hinterlassen. schau mal

henryk said...

Cheers folks. It really is nice to have people posting something.

@ wendy: I know it needs the surrounding environment. It was basically a test for the water like reflection effect. And it's not going to be a common elf I think.

@ Mo: despair is my companion in disguise. Sometimes it looks like hope, or even worse like fun. ;-)Guess, I will never be able to not indulge in histrionics.

@ jazze: I've lost the link, please send it to me once again

jazze said...

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