Tuesday, November 27, 2007

more tests and more nothing

Fuck! I just can't believe that it's already 10 days since my last posting.

And what do I have received? Nothing!

Still trying to trick the eye. You can't really get elements to be appearing in space when they're just projected onto a wall. Our brain seems to smart. However I came pretty close and if it's dark enough the angles right and you do some other tricks maybe it could look like magic.

But all in all I'm pretty fed up with the testing by now. I would like to set it up somewhere and start creating. Knowing that I will not have to change the position of the projector again and so on.

Whatever you guys hate reading all this abstract, wannabe emo shit, I know. So here are some vids and pics.

In this you can see, that I actually lined up the shape in the projection according to two real strings that I put up.

Next thing is a projection onto a black blanket. I wanted to see if for one thing the black suits more and if a blanket would soften the corner edge. The video is a bad joke.

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