Thursday, November 15, 2007

Some more tests

I did some more tests. But I really should stop now. There is no way to achieve the kind of depth I want. As long as you project onto a surface, it will always look that flat no matter how good you design. So there has to be another way. Time is running very fast and I still can't decide.

Anyway, here are a view videos of the testing.

First is an animation projected onto a corner and then manually distorted in the right manner. There is a certain oddity about the way the projector works. It basically lines the lower edge of the projection up with the bottom of the lens. I would have thought, that the lens would be in one line with the middle of the projection. Thats why, when projecting onto the corner, just the upper edge gets stretched. (you cant' see it here, because I distorted it so it isn't showing up) Oh, by the way the video actually looks kind of better then the real projection.

Another funny thing is, that our eyes seem to readjust slightly. The video you see above is adjusted to what I saw/felt is straight. This video below is distorted so the upper edge looks straight in for the camera.

Another thing I wanted to test was using two projections, that basically, project onto one screen/gauze from opposite sides. I also was wondering, if you could project onto a monitor/flatscreen to create the illusion of a second layer. Hard one to explain, so I let it be. I'm pretty sure I'm already confusing you a lot. Well, here's the result. The ring was projected (you can see how dirty my screen is).


Anonymous said...

I like that last test you did, with the projection onto the screen, I'd like to see that properly sometime (maybe next week if we meet).

sheila said...

das auch ein sehr gutes experiment.