Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some things I did

Some things I did

It's already been a while since my last posting. Shame on me! I mean, one main reason for setting up this blog was, to have a tool to keep records of what I've been doing. So by now it must look like I don't do much at all. Which might be partly true, due to small crises of doubts and decisions. But still I do much more then this blog is reflecting.

I really have to document the progress much more. It will help me later on, because I have to hand in a kind of documentation along with the final work. Another thing is, that it shows me that I actually did things when I feel blue thinking I didn't achieve anything at all. I don't have to mention that it works the other way around, too.

Anyway, enough of boring you, let's get to the point.

I basically build a very simple model, that I want to experiment with by projecting onto it.

Then I rebuild the scene by using related distances and measurements (millimeters equal pixels). After that I filled it with graphic shapes and some basic animations.

At last there was the part of projecting it again onto the model. Which did not work at all. I could by no means find the right angle to fit the projection properly. And I can't tell by now if it is because it was a too extreme angle or because the camera within After Effects (Software) differs in the way it captures the scene from the way the projector lens projects it onto the model. I have to take several steps back and start with a really simple video/still from the scene. Where I will use simple marks on the model, to see how they fit and distort when being projected.

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