Thursday, November 29, 2007

who the heck needs a title or "Change means nothing when nothing wants to change" *

Today when I awoke I was drowning in black bile before even noticing that the sun was out.

I also wonder how far away I came from the ideas I had in the first place.

Anyway to avoid too much thinking I do a post and show some more pics.

Here you can see an experiment projecting onto a corner. It wasn't that amazing. Furthermore it carries with it the appearance of something like a nice designer lamp thing. I could imagine it working on big scale. But mostly I have to think of using it as a kind of fish tank or something. Could be nice as an interactive piece maybe. With strange creatures coming closer towards the “wall” once you come closer to it, or something like that.

Also I tried to project into a kind of half pipe. Mhm, you get around the problem with the sharp corner and you get a slight feeling of depth. It probably would work good on a large scale. Like a whole wall/room. But as you might recognize if you pay attention to the lines. They are kind of wiggly.

* “A wish for wings that work” by Poison The Well


Anonymous said...

I like the projection on the circular surface, it looks like it gives a better 3D effect than the corner projections, although its always difficult to say without seeing it for real (instead of on video).

sheila said...

hallo, henryk!!! mir gefällt die idee mit den "Fishen", und finde, das das, was ich schon sehe, ganz gut werden kann. es ist ja einfach die natur der sache, das es so viel präzision braucht, und das geht einem auf die nerven... mein vorschlag ist, vielleicht... wähle dir schon einen Raum, oder objekt, wo du es am ende zeigen willst, und arbeite damit, dann lernst du für dich aus den eigenschaften des gewählten objektes dasselbe, was du an dem theoretischen teil-fall lernst. jetzt probierst du, um vielleicht später für eine beliebige situation reagieren zu können, aber die zeit ist nicht dafür da...nehme einen konkreten ort und beschäftige dich damit. so hast du es schneller und bestimmt sehr gut vorbereitet für ein endprodukt. was denkst du dazu?