Sunday, December 2, 2007

Creative block or “My mind is dangerous, that's who I'll always be “ *

Well, what should I say, this blog is seriously starting to get personally. However, if I would have to agnise, this block is probably there since the last posting.

What is the problem? Mhm, I myself?! I'm really fed up with the experimenting for the projection. It's like I can't concentrate on a thing for a longer period of time. And it will never be as perfect as I want it to be. Although I'm sure you can achieve fairly nice results by creating the right lighting and so on. But I have to concentrate on the content. What do I want to show? What could happen? I don't fucking know!

Also, a friend just recently asked me, after I was explaining my lack of motivation: “What is it, you really want to do at the moment?” - I: “Go on holidays.” Friend: “Seriously!” I: “I don't fucking know!”

The thing is, whatever I will do, let it be projections, animations, interactive installations or what ever, I need to think of the visual/graphic elements within. And even more I need to know why I use them to create what I want to create. That is:?

Alright, before it gets to whiner like, I better stop.

I will go on reading and maybe do a walk and just see where it all leads to.

* “My mind is dangerous” by Life Of Agony

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sheila said...

When i get well( and you, too), we go drink a beer. what do you think? ;)