Thursday, January 17, 2008

Final decision!(?) or “you know you're gonna live through the rain “ *

Well, first things first: I can't find the shy pod anymore. It must be somewhere around here, but, sigh, I don't know. I'm sure it's just hiding. I already tried to lure it with its loved sweets and toys. No chance! Anyway, no one of you guys has won it.

However, at the moment I'm working on a front and back projection. By walking in front of the projection screen you cover a part of the animation/video and so see things singled out. I don't want to explain it that much further by now. Just take a look at the videos. In the first one it is slightly hard to recognize the effect, as it is projected onto black gauze and the camera has hard times recording it. In the second one I've just shoved a normal screen in between and that did it.

* Keep the faith by Bon Jovi


mo said...

Loving it!! Keep on finding other things like the flower-snake thing!! That could be really cool!

henryk said...

Thanks Mo.
The Flower Snake thing is rather problematic. To be more precise; the symbolism of the imagery I'm using, is something I have to be aware of. It's pretty important at least this was how Prof. Geelhaar put. And I certainly see a point in that. Flower-Snake was more or less because of similarity in shape. I want to concentrate more on what I want to express and choose the imagery likewise.
I'm getting back more to my very first starting point. Trying to make my own duality/ambivalence (inner conflicts) visible through abstract/metaphorical visuals and so creating a more personal work.
(definitely need to copy this to to integrate in my documentation, somehow)

Ben said...

Its cool you've got this documentation video...I don't think I saw the effect as clearly when I came to visit you as it is represented on this video.

e.t.I.d. said...

toll! ich bin gespannt auf deine eigenkreation... viel erfolg!