Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pace full and quiet or “ “*

Alright, I want to try to keep that pace. So there (hopefully) will be postings more often in the future. Also, my flatmate mentioned, one problem is, that I always come up with this huge amount of news, which usually results in no one wanting to read it.

This gives me a hard job today as I read through nearly hundred pages of theory.

I mentioned in an earlier post, that E.T.A. Hoffmann wrote his “Fantasy Tales” in the “manner of Callot”. Hoffmann wants to prepare the reader for the “romantic view”. It's not about copying, it's about taking inspiration from him; no one-to-one translating. Callots visual art and Hoffmanns art of narration differ in the way they're accomplished, but the inner images are identical. (1) Hoffmann wanted to transport the deducible principle found in Callots engravings to his literary outcome. This actually fits to my conception/idea of how to reflect the inspiration I got from his tales. Take the inner view I share with hoffmann, at least in terms of duality, which I will tell you more about in later posts, and apply them to motion graphics/animations.

There is also more about how Hoffmann comes into dialog with his reader/recipient and takes them towards an individual perception by scrutinizing along with them. The idea of the recipient being an artist himself, creating something new and so continuing the cycle.(2) ...

But, whoah! That's already a fairly big chunk. Hope someone reads it, still. (-;

1 – Schmidt, Olaf (2003):”Callots fantastisch karikierte Blätter” Intermediale Inszenierungen und romantische Kunsttheorie im Werk E.T.A. Hoffmanns. S.104, Berlin, Erich Schmidt Verlag

2 – ebd. S. 114

* I rarely listen to music when working

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Ben said...

Fantastic, I think that's a great approach to your work and the fact that you can back up that approach with some theory references is even better....I think you did some good research there.