Monday, March 31, 2008

*down the river, down the river

Alright folks, I'm on the track again. I haven't posted something in ages, but today I felt like. What have I done the whole time? Well, I've been busy doing the documentation firstly, then took a sidetrack of programming and following an idea of doing a web video. Got told it wouldn't be that great and that I should follow up my last experiment. After a week of despair and overthinking I finally got my ass up again. It's not going that well by now, but at least it's going.
The video underneath is just the result of a bit of testing to see how the appearance of the river could be done. I hope I can show you some more within the next days. I'm looking forward to get the basic animation set up and compositing structure done to get a bit crazy with filling in the rest. Let's hope everything works out fast.

Oh, yes, you'll probably wonder why a river. Well, I needed a first thing to get a grip and thus a starting point. After thinking a lot about what and how and think and think and think. I had the idea of a person sitting pondering, as a representation of the melancholy. Got told it is too obvious and ... however.
In one of E.T.A. Hoffmanns tales, the main character sees his loved golden snakes within the reflection of a river. Fantasy appearing out of reality. A reference to the idea of duality as well as ambivalence as it could be once snake once just the reflection. Also try to remember one of my first ideas; the fairy from the tea pot reflection. This could be well integrated in the river idea.
It also could work nicely as a loop. An never ending ride on the river. The streaming could be fast and wild but also calm and softly from time to time. It's flowing like the blood in our veins, the thoughts in my head that reflect my surrounding reality, constantly altering it into fantasy and ... Stop! I should be careful. It's again lot's of possibilities and I get easily lost. Whoo, this post was meant to be just a quickie and now is already way too long.

* from "Adhesive" by the Stone Temple Pilots