Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I've been to Marseille as part of a project (victims of the modern).
I made it at least one day outside of town to go swimming and the exhibition ended up surprisingly well. So all in all a good work/holiday experience.

Malmousque, where we first stranded - at 3am in the morning.


This was the group. Daniel, Ben, Trista, Katja (nearly impossible to see), Clivia, Alex, Regise and Franziska.

It looks cloudy and it was, but we managed to always be a step ahead.

That's what typical Marseille streets are like.

Funny that the metro rolls on rubber wheels. Looks a bit strange, doesn't it?

Another little charming oddity I came across.

Lastly, a picture of Longchamp, to prove that I visit something touristic at least.