Friday, October 5, 2007

This post title is a buzzing blaze of purple, lucid and fuzzy

Alright, besides keeping you up to date with my researches, I should give you a short view on how the actual work develops.

I still want to create small playful pieces that evolve out of everyday situations. Visual fantasies that appear in trivial places. Like Hoffmanns characters get overwhelmed by sudden irrational happenings, I want to show what my mind “projects” into places.

There will be animation/video pieces in the end for sure, but they probably won't just be presented as a screening. I can imagine projecting onto spots, that being walls of a buildings or whatever objects. You might have to lay down on my bed to see what I have “seen”. Also I still believe in the idea of having something to look through. So you might experience something strange when looking in a hole of a tree or a garbage can. Watch out! In the end it will depend on how I feel what would work better. Doing a video piece or make it an installation. I hope I can start experimenting with projecting onto things within the next days. I will let you know how the outcome was.

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