Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Of course not. But I really feel like. Over the last days I have been trying out projections again. I used the already built scene and simplified it again. Meaning I threw out the animations and placed lines on the wall. I was pretty sure I could get the right angle by measuring everything. Well, I didn't. The projector and the camera within AE is working differently. At least not the way I thought.

I first started by projecting from the front. The lines did kind of fit though. But because of the floor plate the projection was cut of. It's logical and seems silly to not think it would. The important thing in this case was, to see, if the beamer is adjusted the same way like the camera in AE is and how it would look. - It didn't look at all.

Next step was to put the beamer up and start projecting from a diagonal direction.

I measured everything again and applied it to the coordinates within the software. Don't have to tell you that it wasn't right.

The distance turned out kind of funny. The model was far so far away.

Mhm, now that I did a screenshot to show you, I realized that it actually might as well be correct. There was a large error in my reasoning. I had so much during the last days of experimenting.

Well, I got it kind of nearly right, tried out a test with the graphic/animated version. And figured out this doesn't work well. I realized, that it gets distorted in a specific way. Something Jr. Prof. Ben Sassen was explaining to me a view times and I understood. But I didn't realize till yesterday or so. Alright, so I thought about trying to inverse it. By this I mean to digitally project the video on the inversed model/scene. (in the picture: 1. side view 2. camera view 3. cam view video projected)

It didn't work either.

The distortion of the projection is fairly complicated. Of course with a fixed position of the projector and the model/scene, you could adjust everything and probably create a good illusion of depth and space. But what if you want to present it in a different location, were you have to set up things differently? But trying to achieve automation for the projection or in other words making it work everywhere means dealing with complicated math and whatever.

Whatever, I think I will step back from this topic for a while. Maybe start to think of more simple ways of achieving depth and creating beautiful visual experiences. Most important rethink if continuing with this will support what I want to express. Or if it could be done better differently.

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Anonymous said...

I think you are getting very close to working out exactly how to do the projections correctly, but I agree that you are running out of time. Have you done any research to see if there is any work already published on this topic explaining how to achieve it?